Your Guide To Choose The Type Of Wedding You Like

Different wedding styles fit various kinds of couples, and it’s really as much as you what sort of feel and look you desire for your wedding. It’s not actually about whether you want slick, modern geometric decor, or a very bohemian wedding dress – those can be tied in later on. Selecting amongst wedding event styles and deciding what type of wedding event is best for you is more about what sort of vibe you want to run throughout your event, and frequently where you select to host your wedding has a huge part to play in this. A black-tie wedding event is going to feel ridiculous if you select to host it, festival-style, in a field somewhere, and vice versa.

With that in mind, and to help you choose what type of wedding event is ideal for you, we have broken down the main categories of wedding event styles, and what kinds of wedding events and couples they each fit. 

While that may seem obvious, it may not be. If your interest is piqued, keep reading for the following types of weddings to pick from or you can visit the original site. You really can’t go wrong.

Conventional Religious

A standard spiritual marriage ceremony occurs in a holy place where a minimum of one of you is a churchgoers member. The reception generally takes place immediately after exchanging pledges, either in the church’s banquet space or at a separate place

A traditional religious marriage ceremony takes place in a house of worship where at least one of you is a congregation member. The reception usually occurs immediately after exchanging vows, either in the church’s banquet room or at a separate location. 

Events in houses of worship are constantly so beautiful, so, venue-wise, this is a fantastic option.

Civil Ceremony

A civil ceremony wedding is generally kept in a courthouse, town hall, or judges’ chambers and is officiated by a Justice of the Peace, a judge, or a mayor. The secular ceremony is short, with simple promises and simply a handful of guests.

A sophisticated or basic reception can follow the ceremony; it’s entirely approximately you.

Military Wedding

Formal and soaked in tradition, a military wedding includes a complete dress uniform for the workers. The couple has their choice of a wedding in a chapel on base in addition to location places civilians look for.

Routines in between the U.S. Army branches vary, however, some include the stunning salute of the Saber Arch that newlyweds pass under.

Black Tie Weddings

Black tie wedding events are typically associated with high-end and beauty. You’re speaking about high-end, opulent surroundings like a 5-star hotel, with a dress code to match. It’s attractive, and while it’s expensive AF, it’s going to be tonnes of fun too.

If you have constantly imagined a fairy tale wedding, total with a to-die-for designer wedding dress and an extravagant 5-course banquet, a black-tie wedding event will most likely be right up your street. Even if you’re not typically one for the finer things in life, some couples just know they wish to celebrate in a grand way.

Country House Weddings

Usually significantly less official than a black-tie affair, couples typically choose a fun, house party vibe in these special use nation homes and estates. These manor houses are chock full of character and best if you’re planning a 2 or three-day celebration, as you’ll have the location to yourselves. You can dress nation home wedding events up or down – choose a stylish, sophisticated garden party or bring a more casual ambience with a house party feel.

Glam Wedding Event Design

All those flashes are glam. We’re talking sequins, metallics, rhinestones, and crystal chandeliers. If you’re a company follower that there’s no such thing as excessive shimmer, a glamorous wedding event might be perfect for you.

Referred to as opulent, luxe, or extravagant, glam weddings are known for being over the top. Plus, glam weddings are a fantastic background to showcase some jaw-dropping wedding patterns, like champagne towers, hanging flower installations, or sequin table linens.

Modern Wedding Event Design

Modern, contemporary, innovative … all words to describe a vibrant wedding with tidy lines and minimalist décor. Basically the opposite of “Traditional Wedding” design, contemporary weddings showcase a fresh, fashion-forward aesthetic.

Some modern weddings select to go bold with the details– believe Kate Spade-style black and white stripes with dynamic, jewel-toned blossoms. Whether minimalist or mod, this wedding style is high style.


Calling all boho bride-to-be if this matches your own personal design, then say “I do” to the corresponding wedding theme. Just like how your bridal gown will probably look, a bohemian wedding event stays cool and carefree, but still stunning. Keep your venue decors simplistically elegant, with oriental rugs lining the aisle and altar, and decorative pillows or hanging macramé designs. Take a note from actress Troian Bellisario’s wedding event, which is the thing of boho dreams.


Can’t withstand the beauty of the South? Whether you’re a born-and-raised Southerner or just wish to get married at a place listed below the Mason-Dixon Line, ensure that your style lines up with your area by adding tips of Southern charm. Treat guests to bites of comfort food and bourbon-infused mixed drinks, show off your monogram, or walk down the aisle in your preferred set of cowboy boots, if you’re so likely. Embellish with pops of colour in pastel shades and rich blues to carry more components of the South– and do not ignore hospitality.

Destination Wedding

Although the phrase ‘location wedding event’ conjures up pictures of soft sandy beaches or French chateaux, they do not have to occur abroad. Usually, though, a couple will opt to go to a foreign nation instead of getting married near home. Location wedding events are normally a bit smaller than others, due to the cost involved in transport and accommodation, but are regularly followed by another reception party back at home.

Typically kept in a unique place, destination wedding events are growing in popularity. Given that a destination event requires travel, the wedding festivities are intimate, with usually less than 20 individuals. Couples typically go for a complete plan that allows them to integrate the wedding with the honeymoon. Creative, best?

Cruise Wedding Event

Cruise marriage ceremonies are location wedding events that take the all-inclusive concept to brand-new levels. The event is officiated by the ship’s captain or a clergy member at the port, and onboard wedding organizers and occasion organizers help personalize every last detail of the intimate occasion. Numerous cruise ships offer methods to televise the huge event to those in your home.

Classic Design

A vintage theme implies that the styling for the wedding event will be similar to a bygone period. A lot of classic style weddings make a referral to the Victoria age, as well as the ’20s or ’40s. This theme is truly expressed through the garments, hair and makeup used by the bridal celebration, along with the location styling, flower and design choices.

A classic wedding event might or may not consist of a sit-down supper, nevertheless, a mixed drink wedding event is normally more applicable to a vintage theme as mixers were all the rage in the roaring ’20s. Jazz music, vintage picture booths, classic wedding automobiles and even a vintage-style location are all popular methods to enhance the classic theme that you’re going for.

While a vintage wedding event can be an official occasion, it may not include all the traditional formalities or members of the bridal party, it depends on you and what your vision is for your ideal day.

Humanist Event

Humanist ceremonies have hit the headlines just recently due to them not being considered legal in Northern Ireland (you can still have a humanist event, however will require to have a civil event before or after it to be considered lawfully wed). Humanism is the belief that we can be great and caring members of society without requiring to abide by any religious codes, but just following the strong values of society. Humanist weddings are ending up being increasingly more popular, as the ceremony concentrates on the couple and allows for significant personalisation