Antler Ring: Everything You Need To Know

Among the hottest and most sought-after guys wedding event bands on the market, today is the unique antler inlay with a titanium or a tungsten base. Why all the sudden popularity? Among the factors is that they are crafted in such a method as to be more than just a conversation piece – they are stunning to take a look at and have long-lasting scratch-resistant base metals to contribute to their appeal and durability.

Our most popular antler ring is the C121M – our company believes it is because it is not just priced right but it has a dynamic and basic look that most buyers find compelling. Another big factor in this rings appeal is the reality that if you have taken down your white-tailed deer or caribou or whatever, you can send us a piece from your antler and we can make the ring utilizing YOUR sample! Additional expense – none – very same cost.

We are asked from time to time if these antler rings can last as long as say a silver or gold inlay and our answer is that there is no reason that they need to not last a lifetime – they have used a single piece of non-laminated and non entwined piece of antler – they are also coated with ring armour to protect against water damage. Looking for Antler Ring? You can try these out.

What Is An Antler Ring?

Antler rings are made from a range of quality products consisting of Damascus steel, titanium, and black zirconium. They generally include either an inlay of an antler on the outside of the ring or an antler sleeve on the interior of the ring. Antler rings are gorgeous, natural, and durable. Besides, all of our rings include a Lifetime Warranty.

Where does the antler for the wedding event rings come from?

We utilize 100% natural antler in our wedding rings and it is sourced from naturally shed antler finds. As antler is natural, we can’t guarantee the colouration of the piece that you will get. Antler colours vary from grey to tan and can vary in brightness and pattern also.

Do Antler Rings Last?

We are asked from time to time if these antler rings can last as long as say a silver or gold inlay and our response is that there is no reason they ought to not last a lifetime – they are made using a single piece of non-laminated and non spliced piece of antler

Are Antler Rings Legit?

Antler Rings is the # 1 and Relied On Source for Antler Wedding Bands. Proudly, we have made the trust of thousands of clients considering that we have opened our shop years back. Every Antler Ring we provide is ONE OF A KIND and a unique piece of fashion jewellery.

Is Deer Antler Dust Toxic?

Some really small dust particles can get past the mucus and cilia and end up in the extremely small air sacs in your lungs called alveoli. … And there might be pathogens, bacteria or mould spores in the dust that might make you ill.

Antler Rings – Your New Favorite Trophy

Antler rings assist you to take a break from the standard. Discover Titanium-Buzz’s awesome antler rings. Just like your most prized trophies, these outside-the-box antler rings are a sign of your preferred pastime. They’re filled with all the aspects required to celebrate your love for the hunt, including textured antler engravings, camouflage, animal tracks, and even genuine antler sheds.

Rugged Products For Antler Wedding Bands

Each antler wedding event band and antler wedding ring in our collection is made from premier materials like titanium, black zirconium, and Damascus steel in a variety of finishes and widths to match your design. Why did we choose these materials for our antler rings? The main reason is their strength. Titanium in your deer wedding event bands is super-tough, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant while supplying a comfy, lightweight feel, so you can sport it on the most demanding hunts. Damascus steel and black zirconium are also developed to hold up to a lifetime of wear and tear.

Most of these deer antler rings have the choice of being inscribed so they’re much more tailor-made to you. Do not fret if that’s not enough modification for you. Titanium-Buzz can make you a custom antler wedding event ring that’s born from your vision.