Benefits of Having Neon Signs

Benefits of Having Neon Signs

Neon signs are not just an industry standard. They aid the signage of businesses by helping to increase their visibility, allowing them to stand out from competitors. Neon signs can help your business or event become more widely known to passersby and consumers who are searching online for services that your company provides.

The signs themselves are eye-catching and stylish, which can sway customers into choosing to meet with you over another company that may provide similar services.

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Great For Advertisement

One reason why neon signs are often used is that they provide a colourful background for people’s names, logos, product images, slogans, and other central pieces of information which make up any advertisement campaign. They can be customized in an infinite number of colour schemes and designs which allow companies to choose customized neon signs that are in line with their company’s branding efforts.

Messages can be changed at any time with virtually no work; this makes them great for advertisement on storefronts, on buildings or even on vehicles like cars or motorcycles. It is very easy to make changes to messages on all kinds of neon. This means neon signs have no worries about being outdated after a few years, as newer messages can be displayed with little to no effort.


Neon signs also have energy-efficient prices that are unparalleled by other advertisements. They allow more money to be spent on marketing while still getting the same results. Neon signs can last for decades without requiring any maintenance or attention, which only adds value to your advertising campaign while making it increasingly likely for people to remember your company and become more familiar with its name and the services provided.


Unlike traditional forms of signage that use LED screens, neon signs do not suffer from pixel problems or malfunctions that could easily cause them to stop working properly or altogether. Instead, they provide a consistent font size and colour scheme at all times until they inevitably lose power due to lack of maintenance (which is unlikely).

When compared to outdoor digital billboards which require costly servicing and upkeep, neon signs are a more cost-effective way for your business or industry to advertise itself.

Neon is a type of gas that glows when electrified. Many gases will do the job but only a few of them look good enough for advertisement and these tend to be expensive and hard to get hold of, which drives up the cost of neon signs past the point where they would save money over other types of signage.

Another reason why neon signs save money is that most businesses looking for this sort of sign want it used outdoors, where there isn’t heating or cooling. These lamps use very little power even when turned on fully so operating costs stay low all year round, and temperatures don’t affect the tubes even in extreme weather.

Easy To Install

Neon signs are also very easy to install, making them great for businesses that need to quickly get their name out there in the public eye without having long delays before they can begin putting up banners and other advertisements.

They are made with sturdy components but are still lightweight enough that even an individual can easily put them in place in front of their business or at special events hosted by the company. As a result, your marquee will be ready within minutes of reaching its destination.

Low Power Usage

Due to their lower power usage, neon signs save money through electricity payments. On average, the more neon in a sign the less power it uses on average. This is large because modern LED lights use very little electricity while still giving off large amounts of light.


Neon signs are very durable because of how they’re constructed. Bare glass tubes filled with neon gas and coated on the inside with phosphors last a long time. These signs can handle temperature changes, water damage and wind without breaking or fading too much over time.

Neon signs are also popular for their ability to be visible in any type of weather, as they can handle fog and rain very well. The colour stays bright even when wet so the sign is easily seen by passersby even if it has just rained or used to snow heavily.

Now that you have an idea of why neon signs would be beneficial for your company’s marketing strategy, you might be wondering about where you can buy them. The easiest way to order neon signs is through third-party sign manufacturers, such as yourself.

You can read reviews and check out online portfolios of past customers who were satisfied with the finished product and the overall service provided by the company before making a final decision on which company you want to work with.