When the sun goes down the heat from a hot tub can be used to heat up your garage for extra warmth during the night. This way you don’t have to depend on expensive electricity when you can have a warm home. You can also use solar energy to heat up your pool or hot tub or even use the sun to heat up water that you are going to use to clean your pool or spa. This way you will not need a large hot water tank. Read more solarharmonics.com

5 Inventions Showing Us the Future of Solar Energy

You can also use solar energy to heat up any swimming pools that you may own or to heat your fish tank. Solar heating systems are one of the cheapest ways to heat your pool and many people prefer to heat up their pool water during the winter months to ensure that their fish has a healthy environment.

Solar energy has been used for thousands of years to heat water for bathing purposes and to dry clothes. Now we have the ability to use solar energy to do so much more. We can use it to provide free energy for our homes, heat our water for bathing and even generate electric current for lighting our house. Solar energy has been used to power everything from portable devices to massive electrical plants and cities.

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