The distinction between Single Phase and 3 Phase Generators is very important to know. The Single phase generator has a neutral point at zero volts, whereas the three-phase generator, when used for home or commercial purposes has a neutral point of zero volts as well. Single-phase generator has a three-dimensional winding structure with the center one being the lowest frequency winding, while the other two winding are slightly above this point. Single phase Generator will generate three times more power than that of a three-phase generator but has a lot of drawbacks like noise and instability. Read More

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Neutral Point on the Three Phase Generator: While the neutral point of the single phase generator is at zero volts, difference of Single and Three Phase Generators is quite significant. If the Single phase generator, then the Neutral point of the three-phase generator is at zero volts. But if Three phase generator the Neutral point of the three-phase generator is not zero volts, so the output power can be increased by adding a third coil which will generate the second-most power.

The disadvantage of using a three-phase generator is that it is less effective and costlier than the single-phase generator. Also the output power of the Single phase generators are quite unstable and does not have any predictable output level. The output power of the Three-phase generators are relatively constant and predictable and produces consistent and constant output, hence they are more efficient and costlier.

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