As with most types of cosmetics there are a large number of different types of ingredients, which make it important to be familiar with the various types of essential oils NZ has to offer. With an abundance of scents to choose from you can be sure that the essential oils NZ has to offer are able to cater for any need you have for the products. For example one of their most popular products is their line of aromatherapy products and the essential oils NZ uses in order to create these products are the following:

The first product to look at is the Zinnzibar, which is a type of Cologne. The Zinnzibar is made out of the Zinnzibar tree, and this tree is native to New Zealand. When you open up the bottle, you will notice that it smells very natural and very clean. In fact, it smells like a mixture between fresh cut grass and pine needles. As the Zinnzibar has no alcohol content, you will notice that it is completely safe to use for day-to-day applications. However, if you are going to be using it in an evening or nighttime application then you will want to make sure that you wear protective eye gear.

The second product is called the Zenzibar. This is a great scent to wear on a romantic date with a special someone. It is a very unique and exotic scent that will always get the attention of whoever is around. As with the Zinnzibar, it does not contain any alcohol in it. The only thing that you will notice when you wear this fragrance is that it smells very pleasant and fresh. For a night-time use or when you are going to be spending some time away from home, this is an excellent choice of essential oil to use.

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