A PVC blanket heater works by compressing the PVC material that is present in tubes to produce heat. The heat that is produced is then radiated out from the PVC material, and the heat can be controlled manually using a switch on the wall of the room that is to be heated. Models made by Valuent and other brands allow users to control the temperature of the heat that is produced, with the power of their own electric motors. The blankets that come in different sizes are available in various price ranges, depending on the capabilities of the model. Read more – ramacorporation.com/products/pvc-blanket-heater/

What You Should Know About PVC Blanket Heater

When wrapped around a thin section of PVC pipe, PVC Blanket Heater makes pipe less flexible and enables users to bend it by hand easily. Model F-3415 and F-3416 offer maximum heat delivery capacity of up to 2.8 in. and 9 in., respectively. An automatic thermostat provides for safe temperature regulation that allows the user to adjust the heat settings so that the room remains cool during summer and warm during winter. A reversible fan helps to distribute the hot air generated inside the PVC blankets evenly across the room.

There are some online wholesalers who offer high quality PVC Blanket Heater at wholesale rates. Some of these online wholesale distributors are able to provide heavy discounts on bulk orders. They also offer free home delivery. Most of the manufacturers have websites where buyers can go through the specifications of the products and place an order. They also provide information on how to maintain the products to keep them in working condition for a long time.

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