The 10 Benefits Of Bone Broth

Bone broth benefits are numerous, and can be attributed to many factors that improve health. These benefits have been recognized for centuries, but the efforts of hipster culture have brought this traditional food to the mainstream in recent years. Here are 10 benefits of bone broth benefits you should know about.

1) It’s Delicious!

Bone broth benefits range far beyond what is contained in each spoonful. One reason the benefits are so widespread is because bone broth benefits are delicious too! Yes, if you get past all the esoteric reasons why bone broth benefits everyone from athletes to Grandma, at its core it’s simply a tasty meal.

2) Reduced Joint Pain & Inflammation

A common benefit among people who take collagen supplements or use creams containing collagen is reduced joint pain. But even if you aren’t taking a supplement or applying a topical cream, bone broth benefits your joints from the inside out. The gelatin found in cooked bones reduces swelling and stiffness, while also repairing the damages to cartilage that causes arthritis.

3) Improved Sleep Quality

When Europeans go camping they place a big pot of meat and vegetables over the fire to simmer for hours into a delicious hot meal. When Asians do it they just chuck some bones into a pot with water and spices, let it sit overnight on low heat, and drink up all the benefits in the morning! Either way works well though, because bone broth benefits include improved sleep quality from both warm liquid at bedtime, as well as from whatever benefits the collagen and gelatin provide.

4) Improved Skin Health

Collagen benefits don’t stop in your bones and joints, they also improve skin health too! Bone broth benefits include glowing skin from the inside out, which is particularly useful for people with dry or flaky skin in colder months (or all year round). This benefit may be hard to notice because your fellow bone broth drinkers will already look gorgeous!

5) It’s Aids In Digestion & Nutrient Absorption

This might seem like a no-brainer since you’re literally drinking bone marrow, but it’s worth noting that by sipping bone broth benefits your digestion and nutrient absorption. Just another reason why water isn’t always enough when trying to get all the benefits of bone broth benefits!

6) Prevents Muscle Loss, Improves Metabolism

Bone broth benefits don’t only help you lose weight, but they can also prevent muscle loss and improve your metabolism. The collagen and gelatin in bone broth benefits provide the building blocks needed to maintain strong muscles and a healthy metabolism.

7) Improved Oral Health

Ever noticed how twice cooked pork belly or brisket always seems to get stuck in your teeth? Well if that’s not enough of an incentive to add some clean protein to your diet on the regular than maybe improved oral health will do it for you. Collagen benefits include preventing tooth loss, gum disease, and other dental benefits from the inside out!

8) Helps You Heal Faster After A Workout

Bone broth benefits don’t only help you recover from an injury, but also after a workout. While recovering from a tough sweat session, your muscles need building blocks to repair and grow bigger and stronger. Bone broth benefits includes amino acids that aid in the recovery process.

9) Aids In Weight Loss & Prevents Overeating

As discussed bone broth benefits go beyond improved health and include powerful weight loss benefits too! The combination of healthy fats and protein will keep you fuller longer while aiding in natural weight loss while providing an energy boost when needed most!

10) Gut Health, Digestion & Immunity Booster

Bone broth benefits not only improve gut health and digestion (which benefits oral health), it also helps immune system function. Bone broth benefits are packed with vitamins & minerals that improve immune function, digestive function, and overall health.

So there you have it folks! These are the top 10 benefits of bone broth benefits to provide you with plenty of benefits to be getting on with.