Everyone Loves Granny Flats

Absolute Granny Flats Sydney is becoming increasingly common in suburbs around the world. The flat is generally used by a senior or retired person, or by an adult couple who don’t want to move far from their children’s family homes. It can also be used to house extended family members when required without imposing on other family members’ space. The Granny Flat is usually on the property of a family member, so there are often no barriers to entry. There are some instances where family members purchase land or even group together to build Granny Flats on common ground.

Granny Flats can be very small or quite large. They may have their driveways and gardens for privacy but are usually close enough to be easily accessed by family members. Granny Flats can also be constructed for other purposes, such as providing affordable housing for the elderly or disabled, who are still able to live independently but need some support from time to time. Or they could provide a rental income source.

Many families and individuals across Australia have opted to build Granny Flats as a way to increase the value of their existing property. Granny Flats come in all shapes and sizes and can be designed as standalone units or added onto existing homes to make spacious family homes. Some families choose not to include kitchens in Granny Flats, instead of using them as ‘guesthouses’ or as a separate rental unit.

There are also instances where the Granny Flat is built on a carport or a veranda, which can be removed if not needed in the future. It can be quite versatile depending on the family’s needs and budget. To build a Granny Flat you need to contact your local council for approval. There may be setback rules you need to adhere to, depending on your land size and location.

The council also ensures that the Granny Flat has adequate facilities for living, including power and water supplies, toilets/bathrooms etcetera.

Everyone loves granny flats – here are the top 10 reasons why.

1. A Granny flat is a house unto itself, completely self-contained and fully functional, it has been compared to a 5th wheel on a trailer or a separate apartment attached to the main building.

2. However they can be used as storage space or guests quarters.

3. The benefit of Granny Flats is that they can provide a place for an older relative or a child to stay without the hassles and problems associated with sharing a home with you.

4. They are generally cheaper than conventional house construction but have the same advantages as luxury homes – being insulated from noise & heat.

5. Granny Flats are much better than the traditional in-law apartments – often converted rooms in basements or garages.

6. They don’t always have to be built on the property, so you can use them as an investment before selling your house or renting it.

7. When they are part of your home, you won’t have to move out when your child graduates from school.

8. They allow people to “age in place” by staying in the home they love with all their friends and neighbours nearby.

9. You can often be part of multi-generational living, creating an extended family that is not only fun but also cost-effective.

10. They are popular with Millennial workers who don’t want to commute long distances but find themselves living far away from their families at the same time.